Since its establishment, Vision Beyond Borders

has helped distribute over 1 million Bibles worldwide.

The media portrays many countries around the world as gradually embracing relgious freedom. The reality is as the Gospel spreads, government resistance to the Truth increases. Despite government opposition, the hunger for God’s Word among His people grows. In China and other countries closed to the Gospel, the Bible has been valued over life itself in some instances. Knowing they need Jesus in order to be spiritually free, people endure imprisonment, beatings, and loss of life to keep God’s Word alive in their country.

Since its establishment in 1994, Vision Beyond Borders has helped distribute over 1 million Bibles worldwide. We hope to increase this number every year. However our love for God's Word isn't limited to physical Bibles. We understand the Lord can use different mediums to save His people. This is why VBB has worked hard to deliver over 15,000 hand-wind tape players, thousands of Bible flannel graphs, and hundreds of Gospel bead bracelets to closed countries. 

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"It's truly amazing to see God deliver us through customs while smuggling Bibles."

Several years ago, a VBB team was smuggling a large load of Bibles into a restricted Asian nation. They prayed for a miracle as they approached customs. A man in front of them approached the x-ray machine and was told to put his bag through it. He misunderstood and thought they wanted him to advance through it. The guards began to laugh as this man walked through the x-ray machine. The agents were laughing so hard they were crying and, as a result, the team was able to pass through with a large load of Bibles! The team thanked the Lord, believing He sent an angel to distract the guards.