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Our Vision is to serve the worldwide church by providing the necessary tools and training for local believers to fulfill Christ's Great Commission in their own countries. 


Amid decades of war and political strife, one family fights back with their weapon of choice - the Bible.

Read the story of Ms. Emerald's home, Though I Run Through the Valley by

Pamela Johnson

All proceeds will go to Ms. Emerald's Children's Home (Daw Gyi Daw Nge Orhphanage)

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Join with us every month as we share prayer requests, celebrate praise reports, and learn more about the people and places we serve at Vision Beyond Borders.

On Sunday November 8th join with Vision Beyond Borders as we recognize Orphan Sunday. This is a day to acknowledge our role in caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children in all of the homes we partner with. All month long you can follow us on Facebook as we learn more about these homes and join together in praying for them.

2021 Prayer Calendar

We are excited to send out this years' prayer calendars. If you are interested in ordering multiple calendars you can do so by filling out an order form here 

Tookta Update

Sign our petition to help free Tookta. She is the daughter of a Christian leader in Laos who has been repeatedly arrested and evicted from his home for his pastoral ministry. Now the government is using her as a bargaining chip against her father. Please pray for her and consider signing this petition.

Kiki Update

Praise God that Kiki's surgery is fully funded! Thank you to everyone who partnered with us to help make this possible! She will go through 2 surgeries in order for her to be able to walk again. They have been postponed due to the border closures from COVID. Please be praying for them to be rescheduled soon!

Upcoming Events

I am so glad you have taken the time to visit our website. Our desire is to serve you as you serve the persecuted church. Vision Beyond Borders was founded so that those who experience presecution on a daily basis can be embraced by the love and encouragement of God's church through someone like you. We further seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dark world. No border of any country can hold back the Gospel that you and I represent. I invite you to take a look around and see how you can partner with Vision Beyond Borders.

                                                   -Patrick Klein

2019 Overview

189, 607
Bibles Delivered
Travelers 152
Children Supported 708
Pastors Supported 231
Pounds of Relief Supplies 62,151

By donating to Vision Beyond Borders today, you could help us support pastors in Cuba, rescue women from brothels in India, give an education to children, or send Bibles into desperate places.

Vision Beyond Borders is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with all donations being tax deductible. Vision Beyond Borders is a member of the ECFA, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.