"He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

-Matthew 10:14b (NIV)

Vision for Children began in 2002 by supporting four children in Nepal. Thanks to many generous supporters, more than 800 children are now supported over two continents. We seek to match poverty-stricken and orphaned children with willing sponsors in order to meet each child’s physical, medical, educational and spiritual needs. The needs may seem overwhelming at times, but you can play a vital part in changing the future for the next generation of leaders in the world. One by one, through Christ Jesus, we can make a difference for children in Burma. Thailand, India & Nepal.

To help offset the supporting costs of this ministry, 20% of all donations towards sponsorships and related projects will go towards program costs effective 2017. On behalf of the children and Home Directors, we are deeply grateful for the many donors who make this ministry possible. 


More Ways to Get Involved!

Child Sponsorships 

Your Sponsorship of $35 per month provides food, clothing, living expenses, and education for one orphan or needy child in Southeast Asia. 

Sponsors are encouraged to write to their children several times a year. The letters are then hand-delivered by VBB mission teams. All of the sponsored children love to receive letters, especially from a foreign country. Imagine the delight an abandoned child must feel when he discovers there is someone who cares for him and is praying for him!

*Enter $35 and select 'make this a monthly donation'.

Children Home Sponsorships 

Your Sponsorship of $20 provides basic necessities such as housing, food and education for a children’s home in need.

Through Vision Beyond Borders, you can partner directly with Gospel-centered children's homes throughout Southeast Asia. Through this sponsorship, you are able to help with the burden of caring for orphans living in these children's homes. 

*Enter $20 and select 'make this a monthly donation'.

Connect with Vision for Children Coordinator,  for more information! 

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Need Help?   

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Current Projects! 

Shekinah Children's Home

We have the opportunity to help care for fifty-eight children at Shekinah Children’s Home in Myanmar who have been forced to flee their villages due to violence. The  children were formerly living at refugee camp in Thailand but have now been in Burma for the last three years. The children’s home in the Karenni refugee camp did not have enough support and so some of the children had to leave. The other children came froma home where there have been attacks since March - April 2018. The children lost their homes as their villages were attacked and the children were sent as IDPs in the jungle with their parents. There are no schools available to the children in the IDP’s.


These precious children need proper food, clothing and an education. They need to be in a place where they are loved, can learn about Jesus and can heal from their pain. To care for these fifty-eight children, we need to raise 50,000 Thai Baht or $1,540 each month. If 58 people would sponsor one child for $30.00 a month, we would have enough support to sustain the home.  Or maybe you are able to give a one-time gift. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of supporting the Shekinah Children’s Home? Any amount that you can give will help give these children a future filled with hope and promise.


Once a month the children are allowed to use a soccer field to play soccer. When they are done playing they pray for peace in their country. Would you join in prayer with them and believe God with them that they will live to see peace in Myanmar?


Donate above or send a check to 

Memo:Shekinah Children's Home

Vision Beyond Borders

PO Box 2635

Casper, WY 82602

Pakistan Children's Home

Learn about our new Children's home where we are partnering with a Pakistani family to rescue street children and bring them in to a Christian home where they can open up and learn about Jesus Christ while being taken care of in a loving enviornment.

Land Expansion Project  

Location: Myanmar 

Purpose: Provide a safe place for the children at risk of being sold as child soldiers in Burma to be cared for in a Gospel-centered environment. 

Costs: $75,000

*Land Purchase, Registration, Water Tanks, Electrical Wiring, Fencing, Plumbing, Temporary Building.

Burma is one of the leading countries where children are enslaved as soldiers.  Military officers and civilian traffickers receive significant incentives for delivering underage recruits.  Children are frequently taken from bus and train stations, markets, or other public places, and threatened with prison if they refuse to obey.  They are cut off from communication with their families and sent to military training camps ...

Land Project 100%


To donate by mail please send check to: 

Vision Beyond Borders

P.O. Box 2635

Casper, WY 82602

Memo: WEC Land Project