Do you have what it takes to be a Bible smuggler?

Let's find out!

 1. Vision Beyond Borders provides a lot of information for travelers to keep in mind on smuggling trips. You should:

Memorize all of it.
Print a copy of everything and bring it with you.
Ignore it and trust in the Lord.
Just let your team leader handle it all.
Learn the key points and what pertains to your trip.
Do things your own way to throw off customs agents.

 2. When approaching customs/security checkpoints at the airport, you should:

Smile and make small talk with the agent.
Avoid eye contact and keep moving through unless personally stopped.
Hang back and wait for a distraction.
Stop and ask for directions.

On one occasion a Bible smuggling team approached an X-ray checkpoint, wondering how they would ever get their Bibles through without being noticed. As they approached the X-ray they silently prayed. Customs agents directed the man in front of them to place his belongings on the conveyor for the X-ray. Evidently not a frequent traveler, the confused but compliant man clambered up onto the conveyor belt to go through the baggage X-ray. The customs agents doubled over howling with laughter and in the resulting mayhem the team advanced undisturbed through the checkpoint. The Bibles were safe!

 3. You are stopped by security and asked to open a piece of luggage. You should:

Have another team member create a distraction and make a run for it.
Stop and follow directions, but do not volunteer anything.
Pretend you don't understand.
Start arguing with the agent and assert your rights as an American.

 4. You are traveling to a closed country to smuggle Bibles. You should:

Be sure to wear lots of explicitly Christian clothing to be a Gospel witness.
Take your largest personal Bible and read it in public to help start conversations.
Avoid wearing any Christian clothing/jewelry and do not publicly pray or read Scripture.
Be sure to hold hands with the entire team and pray before going through security checkpoints.

On a trip to smuggle Bibles into China some years ago a team stopped in a McDonalds in Hong Kong for a meal. Several members talked openly and with excitement about their plans to sneak Bibles across the border into China. The team leader tried repeatedly to get them to quiet down and told them other people on the same flight could be at the restaurant. Sure enough at Customs another patron at the McDonalds informed the agents about the team carrying Bibles in; they lost the precious cargo due to their indiscretion.

 5. You've had the joy of successfully delivering a load of Bibles to our friends in the underground Church! You can celebrate by:

Posting pictures of you and your contacts holding Bibles on Facebook for your friends to enjoy.
Telling everyone on Twitter of your success and the date and destination for your next trip so friends can join you.
Praying and rejoicing quietly with your contacts and your team.
Emailing friends and family with a blow-by-blow account of the whole trip, how you got through customs, when and where you delivered God's Word and so on.

 6. Customs agents open one of your pieces of luggage and start finding Bibles. You should:

Volunteer nothing; say nothing about other pieces of luggage - let other team members take them if possible. Do not mention VBB or any information about our contacts.
Tell the agents you are planning to sell the Bibles and are willing to pay import duties on them.
Let the agents know you have Bibles in your other luggage so you don't get in trouble for that too.
Insist on your Constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States of America! Demand to see the American consul.
Call for your team leader to come join you and help you out.

If you are caught, don't panic. This photo, surreptitiously taken by a travelers oldest daughter when she was 15, sums up her first experience as a Bible smuggler: Hours of wrangling with the customs agents as they tried without success to show where in their regulations it said you couldn't bring Bibles into their country. It was more boredom than stress, and in the end they got half their Bibles in. (Most teams have no problem or do better than half.)

 7. You've arrived at your hotel room/guest house. You should:

Unpack and arrange everything for the remainder of your stay.
Unwrap any Bibles in gift wrapping.
Deliver as many Bibles as you can to your contacts at the first opportunity.
Let the hotel/guest house owner know you are storing Bibles so room cleaners will not disturb them.

"On my first stay in a closed country we unpacked our Bibles and hid the ones we weren't taking with us our first day under the bed. When we got back to our rooms we found our guest house owners had thoroughly cleaned our room. Over a hundred Bibles were neatly stacked on the furniture. Whoops! It would have been better to leave them in the luggage. Thank God no harm came of it!"

 8. Your contacts in the destination country:

Are there to feed and serve you should you need anything.
Need to keep a low profile and avoid attention from police and government surveillance.
Have cleared their schedule and will meet your every whim.
Will turn you in if you cross them.

 9. What is the best gift to give someone?

A box of their favorite candy.
The toy they've been asking for all year.
A new gaming system.
The Word of God.

VBB smuggles Bibles into closed countries where Christians cannot purchase a copy of their own even if they had the funds. Many have waited and prayed for years for their own Bible.

 10. Why can't you be a Bible smuggler?

I'm too young.
I'm disabled.
I don't speak another language.
There is no reason I cannot be a Bible smuggler.

Now that you've learned a little about the adventure and joy of serving God as a Bible smuggler, will you pray about it? When you are ready, check out our GO page to learn more. We have trips every month and there is a need for more Bibles than ever in closed nations around the world. Will you help fill the need?

"Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation."


Romans 10:1