My name is  Ezzy Zaw*, I am 13 years old, and I am from [SMD] Village. I come from a poor family.  My parents are day workers, so we live day by day; buying food one day at a time.   We often didn’t have much food at home.  We went days without proper food and we were hungry most of the time.

When I grew up I was rebellious and I did not like to obey my parents. I was not interested in school and I didn’t care about my future. There were so many problems in my life like poverty, sickness, and hiding from Burmese soldiers.  These were the reasons why I didn’t care about my future.

But my parents love me so much.  They prayed for me and my future and then they heard about a Christian Home in Hpa’an where all the children can live for free and can go to school.  My father decided to bring me there.  It was very dangerous on the way to Hpa’an, but because of God’s love, He protected us.

Now I know that God arranged everything for me and my heart has changed.  I like to go to school and study here. I study very well and I feel safe and loved.  I don’t need to worry about my life or my future anymore. God gave me a purpose and I want to become a teacher.  I want to support my family and support people who need help.  I feel I am a new person now.  And although my parents are Christians and we went to church in our village, I was not close to God.   Since I arrived in this Shekinah Home, God showed me the way.  I know God loves me and I understand now what Jesus did for me and I want to follow Him and live for Him. I understand I cannot do anything without Jesus.  Before I lived in darkness, but now I live in the light.  I understand what is good and what is bad. Because of Jesus, my life has changed.

Ezzy now lives in a VBB-supported Children's Home where the boys and girls from oppressed tribes are protected from abduction and forced servitude as child soldiers, porters, or worse. They are given a Christ-centered education and prepared for future leadership and service for their communities.

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*Name altered to protect her privacy.