As the stories from Turkey continue to pour in in the aftermath of the earthquakes, VBB desires to come alongside our contacts serving the wounded and hurt in that area. Even in the midst of the trauma, they are helping to bring aid in every area, from food to clothes to diapers to heaters and tents, but the need is great. It is difficult to find rental homes now to relocate people. They are constantly searching and looking in nearby cities. Many people don’t want to leave their relatives still under the rubble and choose to stay by their collapsed homes. Tent cities are difficult to live in because of diseases, not good food, smoke (from the wood burners), fights, and crime. People with young women and teenage daughters worry about living in tent cities set up. There are thieves everywhere, and so many kids have been stolen and nowhere to be found. Even amid this, so many angelic visits are happening in the area. Many kids survived telling stories of people coming, feeding them water and food, and comforting them, just like God's angel came when Hager cried out for provision for her son Ishmael. Please continue to lift those who are hurting and in pain.