By Faith Alone : Confessions of a Bible Smuggler

by Patrick Klein

Discover the sacrifice and devotion of a life spent bringing God's Word to people who do not have access to it on a daily basis. Join in the adventure of crossing communist borders with "Books" or traveling hours up winding mountain roads to bring the Bible to a village for the first time. Learn what it takes to be a Bible Smuggler. 

“For several years I have been involved with Patrick’s ministry and recently sent my son with him on a life-changing overseas trip. These stories are genuine, first-hand accounts of God’s faithfulness to an ordinary man. Read them– and catch the vision!”      

Kirk Cameron, TV and Film Actor/Producer

“I’ve been privileged to travel with Patrick and I’ve seen first-hand his heart to serve the King and to spread far and wide the Good News of a Savior Who loves us. I read through tears some of the amazing stories of God’s faithfulness and protection, and of His overwhelming love that reaches into slums, into brothels and behind walls of oppression and hostility through the willing hands and feet of Patrick and his teams. Thank you, Patrick, for your willingness to go and serve, and for sharing these stories. Thank you, God, for showing Your power and grace in Patrick’s life and ministry. My prayer is that every reader puts down this book with a new passion to GO! and reach the lost!”

Todd Nettleton, Director of Media and Public Relations

The Voice of the Martyrs—USA

“By Faith Alone is an appropriate title for Patrick Klein’s new book.  I’ve travelled with him on several occasions, and have witnessed his daily reliance on the Holy Spirit in serving people in need and ministering to the lost. When obstacles to gospel efforts seem insurmountable, Patrick and his team members pray and doors are opened. This book is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about Klein’s amazing adventures and faith reliance in front-line ministry.”    

Gary LaneInternational News Director/Senior Correspondent

CBN News

All proceeds will go to Ms. Emerald's Children's Home (Daw Gyi Daw Nge Orphanage)

Though I Run Through The Valley

by Pamela Johnson

Amid decades of war and political strife, one family fights back with their weapon of choice - the Bible. Daring to trust God against all the odds, this is the powerful story of one family's sacrifice to provide a home for orphans so that the children of Myanmar could hope for a better future.

“Rarely will you read a more powerful telling of what it means to make your life a complete gift for others. Pamela Johnson tells the compelling true story of a Burmese family caught in the middle of  wars, tribal conflict and hunger, and yet they choose to make their family's love , time, food and faith a complete gift on behalf of the ungry children who showed up at their doors. I was deeply challenged and humbled by this modern retelling of the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 as God transforms a Burmese family's sacrificial gifts of love into a future of hope for many of Myanmar's most needy children. "

Peter Howard, Chief International Operations Officer, Food for the Hungry


"This is a story that needed to be told and Pamela Johnson tells it well. She sets the story of one Karen family in its historical context, giving the reader a potted history of the country of Myanmar and a greater understanding of the extraordinary faith and love extended by this family to hundreds of children  while at the same time struggling to survive themselves. Pamela clearly conveys the power of Christian love...and its ability to transform lives broken by war, poverty and neglect. A thoroughly interesting and inspiring read. Highly recommended."

Sheila Leech, Head of International Ministry at Feba Radio UK and author