Romania Safe House​​​​​​​

Romania Safe House 

Safe House: A Gospel-centered facility designed to rescue girls from the clutches of sex-trafficking and integrate them from orphanages to local culture with Biblical understanding, life skills and an occupation.

Location: Lipova, Romania

Cost to Rescue a Girl: $35 m/o

Duration of Stay: 1-1.5 years 

Your Role: Join us as we seek to put an end to trafficking. This battle isn't defensive. We're taking the fight directly to the traffickers' backyard. For years, Romanian girls have been deceived into a lifestyle of sex-trafficking. In Romania, girls in the orphanages age out at 18. They are expected to start their lives with only $33 dollars, no trained skill sets and no Biblical worldview. Vision Beyond Borders wants to give you an opportunity to directly influence the lives of Romanian girls by joining this team to end trafficking before it even begins. 

Vision Beyond Borders has set up a safe house in the small town of Lipova where girls are cared for in a Christian environment and taught the basics of building a life. Over the period of 1-1.5 years, girls are taught necessary life skills, given job opportunities and loved on by Christian staff. Our ultimate goal is to teach them the ways of Christ by demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus. 

We hope and pray that this is the opportunity that you've been looking for. 

God Bless,

Vision Beyond Borders

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