From our partner at Asha House in Nepal:

Recently we rescued two children from the Red light area of India. They were in a very vulnerable situation so we did the rescue despite the threat of coronavirus and the lockdown [restrictions]. 

One girl named Kana* (11 years old) was sold by her own mother to a pimp, due to poverty, because the women in the Red light area are without an income now. The other girl, named Aneeta* (16 years old) was harassed sexually by her own father, after the death of her mother last year. 

Soon after we heard the stories about these girls, we did everything we could to rescue them. The Nepal-India border is closed but we communicated with every police officer on every check-post on the route [to enable the rescue]. And we were finally able to bring them to our shelter home. We also did their coronavirus check up, and found everything was normal. This rescue has been very challenging, because both the pimp and father of Aneeta were dangerous, criminal men. The most difficult part [to overcome] was the lockdown and closed borders. 

But with the grace of God, we could do that. We could finally bring them to Nepal at our Asha Home. God helped us through every step. 

It's such a relief to have them. 

Both girls are getting therapy treatment. 

Please pray for them. 

Aneeta and Kana now live at Asha House where they are protected from sex trafficking and other abuse. They are given a Christ-centered education and prepared for future leadership and to be a light in their communities.


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*Names altered to protect their privacy.