Pakistan Children's Home

Vision Beyond Borders is partnering with a Pakistani family to build an orphanage in Pakistan to rescue street children. We want to provide them with a Christian living environment where they can learn life skills and learn about Jesus Christ. Over 2,460 Bibles have been distributed to 42 different villages in Pakistan.

The goal of this project is to reach out to those without a father and without a home. It is on our hearts that we reach out to these children with open helping hands to show God’s love to them. We want to give them the opportunity to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ as well as be brought in to a home to learn their value and where they belong. We would like to start an orphanage in a village to rescue children from the streets. We pray that God provides us with the funding to do so as well as staff to run the Children’s home full time.

There are about 1.5 million street kids in Pakistan today. Over half of these children are runaways forced out of their homes from abuse and living in poverty. The children that are not sold into prostitution make a living by washing cars, shoe shining, or begging for money. Street children are considered the largest social group in their country. They suffer from many illnesses as they do not have proper health services to tend to their needs. With your help, we can greatly reduce the number of kids in the streets, giving them a loving home where they have the opportunity to grow in Christ and learn basic life skills.The Street children in Pakistan are in need of love and care to survive. They are in desperate need of medical attention, and a safe place to call home.

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