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For over 100 years, the Taunggyi Orphanage has been a safe haven for children fleeing the brutality of the Burmese army. Thousands of children have sought refuge from the world in this Christian home. For the last 60 years, a special lady by the name of Miss Emerald has carried the weight of operating this orphanage. With Miss Emerald’s health deteriorating, the home is in desperate need.

Taunggyi Orphanage is located in a Buddhist community where less than five percent of the population is Christian. One courageous woman with a big heart for the orphaned children humbly started the home in the early 1900’s. She stepped out in faith and started the home with no promise of support. However, she had a fierce trust and faith in a Living God, knowing that He was able.

Today over 100 years later, Taunggyi Orphanage is a home and safe refuge to 147 children and 15 adults. The original founder passed the home to her granddaughter, Miss Emerald, who is now 86 years old. She was born at the orphanage, along with her brother and sister. From 1942-1945 the Japanese occupied Burma with cruelty. Miss Emerald’s parents and grandparents were all killed during the Japanese occupation. Raised by her aunt and uncle, Miss Emerald was grateful to the Lord for His provision.

As a young girl, Miss Emerald vowed to continue the work her grandmother had begun and has remained faithful to this vow. Miss Emerald understood the risk of these children living on the streets, not knowing who would take care of them or when their next meal would be. It was then that God called her to be an instrument of God’s love in the lives of these countless children.

Many of the children are from tribal regions of the country. Many of their villages were destroyed and their parents were killed in front of them. In the orphanage, the older girls help with the babies and young children as they desire to follow in Miss Emerald’s footsteps. Some of the older children have opened a small shop on the main street where they sell homemade goods to help Miss Emerald as well.

The children at Taunggyi are such a sweet example of how we can be like Christ. Their joy and smiles are contagious. Each of them is willing to give and share their possessions with others. If there is one place that Vision Beyond Borders wants to continue to support and bless, it’s the Taunggyi orphanage.

Today, Miss Emerald is faced with a difficult challenge. For the first time in 100 years, the orphanage is at risk of being shutdown. This would result in 147 children becoming homeless and countless more being unable to experience the love of Christ that is shown in Taunggyi home.

Vision Beyond Borders just learned that Miss Emerald was cheated out of the land the orphanage sits on. Anxious Chinese investors will come the moment Miss Emerald passes away and demolish the orphanage and develop the land. We invite you to partner with Miss Emerald and the Taunggyi home to give hope to generations of children to come. Our plan involves moving the home north to a rural village, where land has already been purchased, quite reasonably and a new orphanage is about to be built. This orphanage will be larger, capable of housing more children, teaching them new skills, and providing them with a Christ-centered education.

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Orphanage Building & Land 100%

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