Vision Beyond Borders is serving in more than 20 countries around the world.  The most frequent request we receive from the persecuted church is for prayer.  We had the opportunity to meet with a pastor in China who had spent more than 20 years in prison for his faith.  As we stood before this humble man, we asked what we could do to help.  His reply was, “First, please pray for us.  There is much persecution here and many of our leaders are in prison. And please bring Bibles; we need God’s Word!”

The needs are tremendous!  At times, the needs are so overwhelming that we are unsure whether we can truly make a difference. Yet, at these times, we are reminded that our strongest position is on our knees.  We are humbled and reminded that we are to pray, to cry out on these people’s behalf and then respond to the Lord’s calling.  Despite our weakness and inadequacy, we are strong when we fall to our knees in prayer.

We believe God has used and continues to use this ministry through the prayers of His people.  We eagerly seek people who are willing to pray on behalf of the ministry and have heard from people all over the world who are praying for us.  What an encouragement that is!  Our teams consistently report they can literally feel the prayer coverage as they cross the closed borders with the Word of God.  It is incredible to hear how God miraculously conceals this precious cargo in response to those who faithfully pray.

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