Introducing the 2020 Vision Beyond Borders

Prayer Calendar!

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It is wonderful how God is so gracious that He invites us to approach him in prayer. And in a sin-cursed fallen world we have many things both to be thankful for as He extends His mercy on us, and to plead with Him for help and healing. 


At Vision Beyond Borders we encounter innumerable people and situations for which prayer is certainly needed. That's why we put together our 2020 Prayer Calendar. It's filled with beautiful and touching photos from VBB ministry teams and partners around the world. Our hope and vision is that it will help thousands of supporters lift up many needs before the Lord in prayer, as well as praising Him for His many mercies and wonderful acts. 


Our goal is to provide a free calendar to every one of our supporters. If we have your address in our system we will be sending them out as soon as they are available. If you are a new supporter or aren't sure if we have your information, just fill out the form below to be sure to get a copy - at no charge.


And if you  do want to order additional copies as gifts or to introduce VBB to friends and family, we're making additional copies available to anyone who wants to order them at discounted rates as outlined below. Thanks so much for your support for the ministry - and for your prayers for the Church and all those in need around the world!

We are out of 2020 claendars so visit us at the end of the year to claim your 2021 calendar!